Indie Conference: Sept 2018

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IndieCade, Uppercase and Bob Moesta

This month we've got updates from IndieCade, Ludicious, Signal, Uppercase, and a video (and a discount!) from Business Of Software USA.

Conference Updates

IndieCade and IndieCade Europe are coming up in October 11 - 13 in Los Angeles, and October 19 - 20 in Paris. IndieCade is a conference & festival of independent video games, featuring previews of new indie games and a dedicated IndieXchange track.

Uppercase is a free online conference, currently running over 2 weeks, covering product development, marketing, content creation and customer support for online businesses. You can attend live via Zoom webinar, or watch on the web after the talk has finished. Speakers include Brennan Dunn, Helen Ryles and Josh Pigford.

Tickets are on sale for Ludicious, the Zürich Game Festival, happening 31 Jan - 3 Feb 2019. Deadline for entry to their business accelerator program is September 14, while entries to the Ludicious games competition close on September 30. Categories include the International Innovation In Games Award, International Emerging Talent Award (for students) and Swiss Games Award.

Signal (October 17 - 18, San Francisco) is Twilio's conference for developers learning to integrate SMS, VoIP and Two Factor Authentication into their apps using Twilio's APIs. Past speakers have included Patrick McKenzie and Leah Culver.

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Free Workshops at Business Of Software USA: Our friends at BoS have given us a discount on Conference + Workshop tickets at Business Of Software USA on 1 - 3 October in Boston. 3 days of insightful talks from smart entrepreneurs, with no panels or sponsor pitches.

Workshops include Dave Collins of Software Promotions reviewing websites and showing how to improve your conversion rates & SEO. Bob Moesta will be teaching the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework for identifying what your customers really want to buy, and Sean Maguire is giving a workshop on Design Origami.

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Conference Video Of The Month

Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek: Uncovering the Jobs to be Done
(57 mins, from Business Of Software 2013)

Bob Moesta and Chris Spiek at their Business Of Software 2013 talk about Jobs To Be Done

Bob Moesta & Chris Spiek demonstrate how the Jobs To Be Done customer interview framework identifies exactly why a customer buys a product - and it's not necessarily the product they say they want. Before the live interview, Bob and Chris discuss identifying trigger events that make a customer start looking for your product, but also the anxieties that can make them hesitate from purchasing. The customer interview focuses on buying a car, but while the customer insisted they wanted the smallest and cheapest car, once they tried it, it wasn't what they wanted at all...

Indie Links

Fewer Startups, More Indies
Josh Sharp from Australian-based Hello Code argues for a tech culture influenced by the values & ethics of indie rock, over the grow-at-any-cost startup culture. (4 min read)

The 10 Secrets To Indie Game Success (And Why They Don't Exist)
"One thing that every successful indie game has in common: it was released in some form." Advice from 17 years of indie game development. (16 min read)

What's On Next Month

iOS Dev UK
(3 - 6 September 2018, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK)
UK based iOS development conference

The Conference
(4 - 5 September 2018, Malmö, Sweden)
Exploring human behavior, new technology and how to make things happen

MBS Xojo Conference
(5 - 8 September 2018, Munich, Germany)
For Xojo programmers, a cross-platform Visual-Basic-like language

Freecon: The Freelance Conference
(10 - 14 September, Austin, TX, USA)
Refining your freelance gig pitch, selling for introverts & more

TBEX America
(11 - 13 September 2018, Finger Lakes, NY, USA)
Travel Blog Exchange, for freelance travel writers

DNX Global
(22 - 23 September 2018, Lisbon, Portugal)
For digital nomads & online entrepreneurs

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