Indie Conference: July 2018

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MicroConf, DNX Global, How To Give A Tech Talk

This month at Indie Conference, it's been a busy month of restoring backups from failed drives and cursing the Apple gods, but somehow we've still got updates from Business Of Software, MicroConf Europe, DNX Global, TBEX America and Xojo Germany. Plus heaps of articles from indie developers!

Conference Updates

Business Of Software USA is on 1-3 October, once again in Boston, MA. BoS is a tightly curated conference of talks from people who actually run businesses - like Peldi Guilizzoni, who started his solo indie business 10 years (now a 30 person company today). Speakers this year also include Shawn Anderson from PDQ, Claire Suellentrop from, and David Cancel from Drift.

MicroConf Europe is the European conference for self-funded & single-founder software companies, run by Mike Taber and Rob Walling from Startups For The Rest Of Us. This year the conference is in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 21 - 23 October. Early-bird tickets go on sale August 8th for €649.

DNX Global, the Digital Nomad conference, will be in Lisbon, Portugal on 22 - 23 September. This year's speakers include Fabian Dittrich on "How To Run A Company From A Land Rover Defender", Conni Biesalski from Planet Backpack, and Hannah Dixon from Digital Nomad Kit.

TBEX America (aka Travel Blog Exchange) is in Finger Lakes Wine Country this year in New York, from September 11 - 13. The conference is for travel bloggers, but also for travel industry professionals wanting to promote to travel bloggers. TBEX has a really good guide for conference newbies about what you should bring and how to prepare for a conference.

MBS Xojo Developer Conference will be in Munich, Germany this year on 6 - 7 September. Presentations include using Wordpress APIs and Alexa voice APIs from your native desktop & mobile apps written in Xojo Basic, and using Rails as the server backend for a Xojo application.

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Indie Links

What are the things to keep in mind while giving/preparing for a tech talk?
Hacker News forum members give their advice on how to give a conference presentation. (16 min read)

You Are Spending Too Long Making Your Game
The results of Jake Birkett's survey on how long people are taking to make their commercial indie game, together with stats on revenue, costs, profits, and whether you'd be financially better off as a fries chef at McDonalds. (12 min read)

Screenshot of indie game Snow Siege by Owen Goss

10 Years An Indie
Owen Goss (developer of Disco Zoo & Baby's Magical Hands) reflects on what he's learned running an indie mobile game business for a decade. (8 min read)

What's On Next Month

Assembly Summer
(2 - 5 August 2018, Helsinki, Finland)
Summer edition of the longest running Demoscene event in the world.

Indie Bookfest
(9 - 12 August 2018, Orlando, FL, USA)
A celebration of indie authors.

DIY Musician Conference
(24 - 26 August 2018, Nashville, TN, USA)
Conference for indie musicians & songwriters, run by CD Baby.

(26 - 29 August 2018, Denver CO, USA)
Regarded as one of the best Apple developer conferences for indies.

(26 - 28 August 2018, Melbourne, Australia)
RMIT's conference for Apple developers, with a focus on students.

Laracon EU
(29 - 31 August 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
European edition of the conference dedicated to the Laravel PHP framework.

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