Indie Conference: Oct 2017

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MicroConf Europe, BookBaby, TBEX and Marco Arment

This month we've got updates from 360iDev, BookBaby, MicroConf Europe, TBEX Africa, and an indie podcast recommendation....

As always, if you know of new conferences for the list, send me a message at and I'll check it out!

Conference Updates

MicroConf Europe, the European conference for bootstrappers and single founders, is on 12 - 14 November 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. Speakers include Mike Taber and Rob Walling from the Startups For The Rest Of Us podcast. There's still some tickets available at the "Last Call" rate.

New to the list, the BookBaby Independent Authors Conference is in Philadelphia on 3 - 5 November. Tickets are $199, with presentations and optional workshops from over 20 speakers, with different tracks for aspiring and experienced authors.

The Ludicious: Z├╝rich Game Festival is locked in for January 18 - 21. It's Switzerland's largest games event, with a particular focus on indie games. Previous years have featured talks from the makers of Diner Dash.

360iDev is happening again in Denver, Colorado on August 26-29. It's for indie iOS / Mac / Apple developers, and past speakers have included Jean MacDonald & Janie Clayton. Early bird ticket discounts end on 24th November.

Travel Blog Exchange Africa has been confirmed for the 25 - 27 July, in Harare, Zimbabwe. TBEX is the world's largest conference for travel bloggers & writers. Tickets start at just $127 for bloggers.

Indie Podcast Of The Month

Under The Radar #98: The Accidental Episode

Under The Radar Podcast

I loved episode 98 of Under The Radar. Marco Arment left the podcast gear recording while he asked David Smith some off-the-air Apple Watch / watchOS questions. It's a candid chat, filled with "what on earth is Apple thinking" and "how the hell are we meant to work around this" moments. If you're an Apple developer, I think you'll find it cathartic.

And if you're not a software developer, you might still enjoy Episode 88: Working From Home, with Marco & David's tips for staying productive and sane while being an indie working from a home office (or from a table in the corner).

[If you're looking for more podcasts by indie developers, Bootstrapped should be on your list as well.]

What's On Next Month:

BookBaby Independent Authors Conference
Writing conference dedicated to independent authors.
(3 - 5 November 2017, Philadelphia, PA, USA)

MicroConf Europe
European conference for self-funded & single founder software companies.
(12 - 14 November 2017, Lisbon, Portugal)

Perth Games Festival
Showcase of locally made video games by indie game developers.
(25 November 2017, Perth, Australia)

Chaos Computer Congress
Tech security, DIY hardware, ethics & culture and electronic art.
(27 - 30 December, Leipzig, Germany)

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Monthly at most. Unsubscribe any time.