Indie Conference: October 2016

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This month we've got updates from Webstock, DjangoCon Europe, Peers Conference, and Marco Arment's NS Conference talk on indie app marketing.

There's not many conferences coming up during the US winter! So if you know a conference that you think other indies, digital nomads, makers & bootstrappers would like, do let me know at:

New Conference Updates

Webstock has finally been confirmed for 2017, with early bird tickets going on sale this week. It's "an annual celebration of the magic of the web and of those who craft it", and previous speakers have included Amanda Palmer, Cory Doctorow, Cindy Gallop, Harper Reed, Amy Hoy and Matthew Inman (aka The Oatmeal). (Feb 13 - 17, Wellington, New Zealand).

DjangoCon Europe is in Florence, Italy for 2017, including 3 days of conference talks, 2 days of workshops and an event hosted by Django Girls Florence. (Apr 3 - 7, Florence, Italy)

Peers Conference is moving to Seattle for 2017. Peers is for web and software developers, with an emphasis on an inclusive and friendly community. Early bird tickets are on sale now until December 1. (Apr 26 - 28, Seattle, USA)

Call For Presentations

DjangoCon Europe (Florence, Italy) is also looking for presenters for their 2017 conference. Their audience is Django and Python developers, but they're interested in all topics, even from people outside the Python community.

Conference Video Of The Month

Marco Arment: App Marketing For Small Developers

Marco Arment presents a conference talk at NSConference, on a stage designed like a whisky bar with an ornate leather couch.

Marco Arment is the solo developer behind Overcast (an iOS podcast app) and he explains the approach he took to marketing the app. Much of his focus is on designing the right product in the first place, and studying the competition to find 1 or 2 core features where Overcast could be better than all of them. The video is aimed at app developers, but there’s useful advice for anyone making and selling a product.

If nothing else, Marco’s suggestion to use Soulver for calculating back-of-the-napkin business plans for your product is brilliant, and my main takeaway from the talk. It’s like a natural language spreadsheet you’ll actually enjoy using. Alas, it's Mac & iOS only, sadly for those of us who really want a shiny new Surface Studio.

What's On Next Month:

A conference "for people who build and love great products". Speakers mostly from the Apple community.
(1 - 2 November 2016, Killarney, Ireland)

Creative At Heart: Memphis
A conference for creative small business owners: especially photographers, designers, hand-letterers, planners, but all creatives types are welcome.
(13 - 14 November 2016, Memphis, TN, USA)

Chaos Computer Congress
One of the world's leading events on tech security, DIY hardware, computing & society, and electronic art. Very famous among hackers.
(27 - 30 December 2016, Hamburg, Germany)

Published October 2016, links updated 1 October 2020

Want updates? Find out when there's new conferences.
Monthly at most. Unsubscribe any time.