Indie Conference: August 2016

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This month we've got updates from Gold Laces, HybridConf, Yosemite, Side Project (a print magazine for creative indies!), and a video from Kathy Sierra.

New Conference Updates

HybridConf starts next week in Berlin (August 17-19), so this is your last chance to get tickets. I love everything Berlin, but I do think this is one of 2016's most intriguing conferences, with speakers from Vice, Travis CI, the TV show QI, Wizards Of The Coast, Intercom & Girl With A Camera. Wish I was there!

Business Of Software USA scholarships close on August 21st. If you'd like to attend and have a great idea to change the world (but isn't yet ramen-profitable), fill out the form and try your luck at getting an almost-free ticket.

New to the list, Gold Laces is a conference for bootstrappers and side-hustlers (and anyone thinking of making the jump) held in Oakland. The 2016 edition has just passed, but it looks like one to watch for in July 2017.

The latest round of tickets for Double Your Freelancing USA (Sept 28-30) have sold out this week, but you can try putting your name on their waiting list for the final wave of tickets.

Yosemite, the conference for Apple fans held in Yosemite National Park, has been confirmed for 20 - 23 March 2017. Tickets are already on sale and Andy Ihnatko & Georgia Dow will both be returning to the main stage.

International Games Week Berlin is happening again 24 - 30 April 2017. The conference is for gamers, indie devs, industry professionals and Let's Players.

Know a conference that you think other indies, digital nomads & bootstrappers would like? Let me know at:

Conference Video Of The Month

Kathy Sierra: Building The Minimum Badass User

Kathy Sierra presents at Business Of Software 2012, showing superhero costumes as pretending to be badass, and Tim Ferriss books as tools to become an actual badass.

From Business Of Software 2012, Kathy Sierra on how to make your customer badass. Instead of creating perfect but delicate products, how do you be the secret weapon your customers rely on and use all the time? Kathy's talk focuses on software, but she also applies it to her books and other creations. There's useful nuggets of wisdom in here, whether you're creating an app to track how sales are today and push them higher, writing blogs to push readers through creative blocks, or making music that drives listeners trying to get through their workout.

Very Indie: Side Project

Cover of Issue 4 of Side Project: A Zine For Creatives.

Side Project Magazine

Not a conference, but if you're an indie crafter, into textiles and hand-lettering, or want to read about overcoming creative blocks, then you might want to check out Side Project, a zine for creatives from Australia. Issue 5 has just been printed and is available now (and also as a PDF):

Side Project Issue 5: A Zine For Creatives

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