Indie Conference: May 2016

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This month we've got updates from MicroConf Europe, HybridConf, Assembly Summer and Small Is Beautiful, including a video from Small Is Beautiful 2015.

As always, if you know of new conferences for the list, send me a message at and I'll check it out!

New Conference Updates

Small Is Beautiful (14 - 15 June, Edinburgh, Scotland)
This one looks really intriguing! Aimed at all kinds of one-person businesses, from freelancers & coders to artists, coaches, makers and filmmakers. Past speakers have included Tara Gentile & Sherry Walling, and Brennan Dunn is one of the speakers listed for this year.

MicroConf Europe (31 July - 2 August, Barcelona, Spain)
European version of the conference for self-funded & single founder software companies. If Patrick McKenzie's live tweets from MicroConf USA are anything to go by, MicroConf is not to be missed.

Assembly Summer (4 - 7 August, Helsinki, Finland)
Summer edition of the longest running Demoscene event in the world. Besides the eSports & LAN party, Assembly focuses on the intersection of art & technology, primarily through 'Demos' (short electronic programming artworks).

HybridConf (18 - 19 August 2016, Berlin, Germany)
The conference for creatives of all kinds: techies, photographers, clothing designers, typographers, film makers and baristas. Yup, baristas! If I was living in Berlin this year I'd definitely check this out. Tickets are on sale now.

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Conference Videos

Writing = flossing. Don't know how, don't have time, it's painful...

James Greig: Why You Should Write (Even If No-One Is Reading Yet)

This month I thought I'd highlight a video from Small Is Beautiful 2015. It's just 10 minutes, but some of it hit home - especially the blog with the apology post for not blogging more often. His ideas are simple: write small things, write for yourself, make it a habit and see how it snowballs and what people react to. But his most compelling reason for writing is that it builds authority, whether you intend to or not. Write enough about a niche topic - say, an obscure European songwriting contest - and suddenly people will regard you as an expert on it.

Most importantly, it features a picture of a cat. Can't go wrong with cat photos.

Update October 2020: The video is no longer available, but you can read James Greig's blog post here: Why You Should Write (Even If No-One Is Reading Yet).

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