Indie Conference: February 2016

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This month we've got updates from WDS, Business Of Software Europe, Xojo Developer Conference, DNX Global, a discount for Twilio's Signal conference, and a keynote video of Derek Sivers at WDS 2015!

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New Conference Updates

World Domination Summit: (11 - 15 August, Portland, USA) The very last tickets are on sale right now, and there's only 28 tickets left as I type this. WDS is focused on bloggers & solo small business folks, and has had speakers like Derek Sivers, Chris Brogan, Scott Belsky, Andrew Warner, Darren Rowse, Danielle LaPorte & Gretchen Rubin. (I went to WDS 2011 and met one of my most profitable clients there, and the skydiving was amazing). Direct link to the purchase form:

Business Of Software Europe (16 - 17 May, Dublin, Ireland) ticket sales have just opened today, with early bird ticket pricing available to the first 50 attendees. BoS Europe is for anyone growing or scaling a software business.

DNX Global, the Digital Nomad conference, still has tickets available for their March conference (March 1 & 2, Bangkok, Thailand). They've got an all star speaker lineup including Jana Schuberth, Natalie Sisson, Dave Cornthwaite and Conni Biesalski.

DjangoCon Europeis coming up on 30 March thru 3 April and will be in Budapest, Hungary (which everyone tells me is amazing and I have to visit). Join them for 5 days of Django & Python presentations. Some of my Digital Nomad freelancer friends are already signed up for this one.

XDC: Xojo Development Conferences: the German edition in Koblenz on 19 - 20 May 2016, and the American conference on 5 - 7 October 2016 in Houston, Texas. Tickets for the German conference are on early bird sale until 19 February. Xojo is a RAD IDE for developing cross-platform desktop and mobile applications in a dialect of Basic, similar to Delphi and Visual Basic. I've used Xojo to make a lot of my own inhouse bespoke tools.

Revision 2016 is the world's biggest pure Demoscene party, happening 25 - 28 March in Saarbr├╝cken, Germany. See the latest in electronic art and music!

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20% off Signal: Our friends at Twilio have given us a 20% discount on tickets for their Signal conference (24 - 25 May 2016, San Francisco). Speakers in 2016 will include Patrick McKenzie of Starfighters, Leah Culver from Dropbox and Michael Kadin from Uber.
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Call For Presentations

UIKonf presentation proposals are due February 15th, for talks on iOS development, mobile design and business.

XDC: Xojo Developers USA call for presentations ends February 26. Their audience is developers in the REALbasic and Xojo languages. Send a brief 3-5 sentence topic description and your full name to Dana at Xojo. (subscribe to the email newsletter for the full email address!)

iOSCon 2016 presentations are due February 27th, also for talks about iOS. Length can be a 15 minute Lightning Talk, up to a 1 hour keynote talk.

Conference Videos

Derek Sivers: Don't Pursue Something That Someone Said You Should Want Chris Guillebeau has shared Derek's keynote presentation from World Domination Summit 2015, about starting his online company CD Baby, one of the first online retailers for independent musicians.

What's On Next Month:

There's nothing on for almost a month, and then suddenly a rush of huge conferences in mid March:

Published Feb 2016, Links Updated 21 Sep 2020

Want updates? Find out when there's new conferences.
Monthly at most. Unsubscribe any time.