Indie Conference: January 2016

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New Conference Updates

Webstock 2016 is in Wellington, New Zealand is next month! Early bird ticket sales have closed, but you can still buy standard tickets from:

Yosemite (the conference for iOS and Mac developers) has moved to earlier in the year, and is now coming up March 14 - 17 in San Francisco. Get more info at:

IndieCade East (New York) has moved from its usual February timeslot to 29 April. Get more details at:

Signal is new to the list: 24-25 May in San Francisco. Signal is Twilio's conference for learning to integrate SMS, VoIP and two-factor authentication into your apps with their stack. Speakers in 2016 include Patrick McKenzie (@patio11), Leah Culver from Dropbox, Michael Kadin from Uber and Joseph Wilk from Soundcloud.

Brennan Dunn has announced a European version of the Double Your Freelancing Conference, in Stockholm, Sweden from June 22-24. Brennan's books & courses have been popular with freelancers & digital nomads for a few years now. No other information is available just yet, but keep the dates free!

Know a conference that you think other indies, digital nomads & bootstrappers would like? Let me know at:

Call For Presentations

YOW! Conference (Perth, Australia) call for presentations ends March 13. Their audience is developers, designers, IT Managers & CTOs. The conference itself is 3 - 4 May 2016:

What's On Next Month:

Did I miss a conference? (Yes, even if it's a conference you're organizing yourself!) Send details of conferences that Indies would be interested in here!

Published January 2016, Links Updated 21 September 2020

Want updates? Find out when there's new conferences.
Monthly at most. Unsubscribe any time.